Care of your Wood Cutting Board

Because wood is a porous material that changes size and shape as it gains or loses moisture, it's important to take proper care of your cutting board. Though any wood cutting board can warp or crack if used or maintained incorrectly, following these recommendations will minimize the chances of damage.


The best way to clean your cutting board is to wipe it off with a damp sponge or rag. Always wipe down both sides of the board, because uneven absorption of water will lead to warping. Stand the board upright on its end or edge to dry, so that both sides will dry evenly. This also will help to minimize warping. Try to resist the temptation to run a faucet over it, especially if it hasn't been oiled recently. If you do wash the board under a faucet, dry it with a cloth immediately afterward to minimize the saturation of the wood. Be careful not to dry the board either too quickly or unevenly by placing it near a heat source after getting it wet. Store the board on its end or edge so that both sides can respond equally to temperature and humidity changes. If your board does warp, flip it over and use the other side for a while, and it should even out.


Our boards are finished with pure mineral oil. Over time, re-oil your cutting board with mineral oil or an edible oil such as walnut oil (we don’t recommend olive oil). Use enough oil to coat the board evenly- a few drops rubbed in with a rag and some elbow grease will do fine. Do this every few weeks, or whenever you notice the board looking dry.


After its first washing, the board may feel a little rougher on the surface. This is normal, since water swells the fibers that wood is composed of. Over time, as the board is broken in, it will happen less and less. However, you can lightly sand it after its first couple of washings to remove the raised fibers. If you choose to do this, use 150 or finer grit sandpaper.

Though poor care can destroy a wood cutting board quickly, with proper care, your cutting board will last many years with little warping and no splitting.